High school was a difficult time for me.  It was in these years that my lower jaw began to protrude further and further.  Eating and sleeping became difficult for me not to mention the ridicule that I received from my classmates.  For these reasons, I was looking forward in meeting with Dr. Super.  Dr. Super and his office wasted no time in making me feel comfortable.  He explained what exactly my issues were, and how he and his team were going correct it.  I'm extremely glad that my surgery was performed by such an expert.  The end results are phenomenal.  He knows exactly what is best for everyone's case.  Never before have had I felt such confidence.  Now because of the surgery I am able to pursue my dream of modeling which I probably would have probably never been able to do before.  Being a model has introduced me to people and experiences that I never thought I would be able to experience.  I have gotten so many compliments on my smile I think my smile has even become contagious!  Every time I look in the mirror I am happier than I have been with the look of my face I am truly grateful that I was touched by the magical hands of Dr. Super.
- L. Williams

Dear Dr. Super,

After having met and worked with you, I am a changed person.  I used to walk with my head down in shame, lacking confidence, happiness, self-respect, and never smiling.  I felt like my protruding jaw dominated my life and my self -image.  So I shopped around for different options and consulted with various surgeons.  Some were curt, rude not willing to work with my insurance, or dismissive of my concerns.   I chose you because of your kindness, ability to listen and take my concerns seriously, knowledge of your chosen profession and respect in your field.  I now walk with my head up in pride, smile fully, and feel like a brand new person.   Thank you!

Peace and love,
- Alison

Dear Dr. Super,

As I reflect upon my experience over the last six months, I can truely say thank you for saving me from my own thoughts of self-deprecation.  I have always expressed my heart in its fullest, without hindrance, through words on a paper.  However, this feeling I have for the service you done for me is beyond anything I can express in words.  I can accurately say though, by writing this I feel words will do some justice in showing the gratitude I have for all you have done, I love every moment of it.  My confidence has skyrocketed, and my concentration is restored to its former level.  I no longer think detrimental thoughts, as I once did, which was the reason why my thought I was psychotic in the past-but I knew the underlying reason (I was unhappy with myself).  Now, I'm getting all A's, I have just received my midterm grades from all my courses with the exception of genetics.

Moreover, I no longer look away from the mirror when I workout in the gym.  It feels so great to love myself, it is a blessing that only God can bring, which is why I can testify God has given you his power in the form of your hands.  I feel like a new man, as you said before, and most of all a better one at that.  Now, I can begin my work in fixing my life, so I can pursue my dream of becoming a dentist.  It is like trying to get into a Specialized High School again.  I just got to study now with my head focused on the goal for that ultimate exam, the DAT.  I thank you once again, and I'll always remember this.  If I ever have to make a speech in the future about what changed me, it would definitely be this moment in my life with you, my family and all those who supported me before and after surgery.  I also met many great, and kind people such as you, and most of all for having my mom by me during my last seven years of depression when no one else can stand me.

Sincerely yours,
- R. Wong

Dr. Super Returning Smiles onto Defected Faces

Chinese American Scientific Technological Association (Sea Breeze) Volume 51995.4

Last October, the autumn wind breezes. The beautiful and elegant scene at the "West La-ke" welcomed the Director of the Center for Dento-Facial Deformities and Corrective Jaw Surgery at New York University college of Dentistry, Dr. Super.

China has a high incidence in congenital deformities. Many inner city hospitals have more than several hundred patients per week. This included many genetic deformities or trauma that resulted in the underlying facial problem. Oral and Maxillofacial Reconstruction is one of the most challenging fields in Medicine. The field not only requires the surgeons to have highly trained technical skills, but also requires advance knowledge in head and neck, equilibrium mechanics, anatomy, and even cosmetic surgery. China is still behind in this field and the facilities and supplies are still primitive. Many patients that underwent operations resulted in complications. There are even more patients that could not undergo therapy which traumatized their self image, which disabled them socially, personally, and economically. Every patient hopes that in one day, there will be someone with a pair of wise hands to present them with a beautiful and undetected face.

Very luckily, here comes the day that many patients dreamed of Dr. Super. A well respected and internationally recognized American Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon traveling across the Pacific to China. Dr. Super graduated from Harvard University in his earlier days. He is one of the forerunners and pioneers in Maxillofacial Surgery, and he is commonly known as a person with "a pair of golden hands". He has more than 25 years of clinical and research experience and has taught and held academic positions in several prestigious institutions throughout the country. He has operated on over several thousand patients. New York University college of Dentistry Center for Dento-Facial Deformities and Corrective Jaw Surgery was also named under him. The center subsequently becomes a major training and educational center for many surgeons around the world. Dr. Super's China trip was invited by China's Zhejiang Medical University to demonstrate and lecture in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Upon arriving in Hangzhou, he spent a lot of time discussing issues that arose among the patients. He was deeply touched by their emotional needs, low income levels, and their broken hearts. Without further thoughts, he contributed his personal savings to pay for expenses for the operations and hospital costs for these patients, Among the doctors, nurses, and patients who knew this event, all-paid their highest respect to this great humanistic American surgeon.

Dr. Super said that he would like to establish long term working and exchange relationship with China. He hopes that he could send his team to China to assist them and also invite Chinese surgeons to be trained in the Center in New York, In this way, China will benefit in advancing Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, that would result in relieving many patients who need operations. He was asked what was the most impressive thing in China, and his answer was not the beautiful and elegant "West Lake", but was the operating table that accompanied him for more than half of his life. He was so enthusiastic discussing the operating table in China, as if he remembered vividly all the technical details while he performed on that table.

Dr. Super's many years of hard work, though very difficult and tiring, has given him a lot of happiness and satisfaction. Whenever he saw a young patient pre and post operatively and the changes that had resulted both psychologically and facially, he felt this was the best return that he accomplished. Thereafter, he brought out a picture to me, which was sent by a patient he operated in China. in that picture the seventeen/eighteen year old girl smiled from deep inside her heart with joyfulness and excitement.

Original Chinese Version by Xiaobo Shao Chinese Version translated into English by Sung-Kiang Chuang, MS., D.MD., MPH., M.D., Resident in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, New York.


"Plastic Art"

Yael Steinsky for Maariv America, January 29, 1994

Dr. Stuart Super, a Harvard graduate, is a pioneer in maxillofacial reconstructive surgery in the United States. He is known as the "Man With the Golden Hands" by the local media. One cannot but admire his talents, covering 25 years of research and dedication to change Nature's shortcomings. A Center was established at New York University which bears his name, serving as a beacon for doctors and patients from all over the world.

Many children dream of becoming doctors; some even dream of becoming surgeons; but none dream of becoming a plastic surgeon. "My original hope after completion of my studies of medicine and dentistry at Harvard was for an internship in England," he states. "Suddenly I received an offer from the British government to travel to France and work with Dr. Paul Tessier - the world pioneer in head surgery. Within a week I arrived in France and proceeded for a period of six months to operate non-stop. We worked on children only, each operation taking 8 to 10 hours. In 1972 I returned to the United States, where I taught surgery at the University of Pennsylvania for a number of years."

In 1978 he became a full time professor, spending the next few years with his students in operating rooms, conducting thousands of surgical procedures on facial deformities resulting from birth defects, accidents, and child abuse. "About 80% of face injuries in children are the result of child abuse. Parents who abuse their children are reluctant to seek medical treatment for fear of being identified as abusive. As a result, children suffer all kinds of facial inflictions affecting their ability to see properly, to breath properly, or to enjoy self-esteem." A course conducted by Dr. Super helps identify abused children so that the abuse can be reported quickly to the police and child welfare agencies.

Dr. Super found his Jewish roots by accident while visiting the Jewish Museum in Washington, D.C., with his wife Tibby. He discovered that his grandparents changed their name from Supransky when they emigrated to the United States.

The Center bearing the name of the Supers financed tuition as well as room and board for a young doctor from Brazil who participated in the surgery program for one year. The young doctor returned to Brazil and is now teaching and operating there, utilizing the modern techniques that he learned at the Super Medical Center. Currently a doctor from China is participating in the program. He is planning to return to Shanghai in order to open a similar center there.

Tens of doctors from various areas of medicine and dentistry and public health have joined Dr. Super's Center, volunteering their time and efforts to help afflicted children. Among them one can find specialists in speech therapy, plastic surgeons, dentists, biologists, experts in genetics and in clinical psychology. All have joined this noble enterprise shepherded by Dr. Stuart Super.